this i believe drugs can ruin a relationship

Jacob - Vancouver, Washington
Entered on March 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction, family

This I believe… drugs can ruin a relationship. I believe this because I lost my grandma to drugs. My grandma chose drugs over her family. She started taking drugs when I was six years old. I was so small I didn’t understand anything. I remember my grandma yelling on the phone at my mom, she had the saddest face and started to cry. Before my grandma did drugs she babysat me until I was four years old. Here are a few examples of what my grandma and I would do when she wasn’t on drugs. We would go to the mall and ride the kiddy rides. We would also play games with each other like patty cake and take long naps together. This is the family my grandma lost because of drugs. My grandpa, mom, aunt, uncle, my sister, both cousins, and myself. This I believe, drugs can ruin a relationship, just like it did to mine.