This I Believe

Parker - Evergreen, Colorado
Entered on March 4, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe in passion. I believe in following your dreams and desires. Don’t let anything stifle you passions as it can only be devastating and crushing to your soul.

For years I had no clue what I wanted to do. I was six feet tall and weighed two hundred and fifty pounds and was doing all I could to just get through the days. I tried nearly all sports possible wanting to lose some weight; I tried diets, fasted and even took medicine. Everyone told me I looked like a football player and that’s what I should play. I gave it the ol’ college try, but alas it failed. I’m simply not aggressive enough to tackle other people. After about seven years of this trial and error, I decided I wanted to dance. However, I would look in the mirror see the rolls on my stomach and dissuade myself from trying. Dancers are lean and fit, not me.

My parents took me to a dance studio one afternoon. I sat in on a few dance classes to see it if was what I wanted to do. Before I knew it I had auditioned for the studio’s competing team and was rehearsing more than twenty five hours a week. The weight? It wasn’t an issue; I lost fifty pounds simply by the amount of exercise each night. My passion for dance kept growing and growing, and I never could have guessed that it would become my college major. I followed my passion, despite my size, and ended up happier than ever.

A good friend of mine, only slightly taller than five and a half feet, plays basketball. He has played ever since we first met and still practices each day. He may not be able to dunk like the six foot three players but he holds his own. As one of the lucky few who realizes their passion early on in their life, he was able to make decisions along his path to lead him to what he wanted. He never let his height stop him from playing; he found and succeeded brilliantly in his passion.

It is examples like these that taught me to always follow my passions. Life is too precious to spend it worrying about trivial issues. It should be spent doing what you love. No matter what forces may be against you, you can find a way to overcome them, as the cliché goes, when there is a will there is a way. And, when it comes to passion, there is always a will.

It may take time to understand your passion, but one day you will realize it and life will take on another meaning. Passion has no limitations, so be ready to go with the flow and make adjustments. Let your passion to be a prominent part of your life, let nothing stand in its way, and live freely.

Passion, now this I believe.