This I Believe

Diana - Lemon Grove, California
Entered on March 4, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

For many a dream is just an illusion that is never going to be real. For others a dream is something they need to have. Something people fight for. During my life, many problems have appeared changing my dreams. But is has not been an issue for me to keep dreaming.

When I was in Colombia, one of my dreams was to get graduate from High School. That is the main dream of many teenagers, although some of them just wish it, but never really do anything to achieve it.

I want to get enough education to survive in the outside world. A world that is full of fears and happiness where teenagers find a way to get to reach their dreams. A place where those who have ambitions would keep dreaming to be successful.

I as a teenager have dreams, dreams that take me to the next level; it does not matter how hard the next step is, what makes me stand up are my dreams. When I came to the United States I thought I would not achieve my dream which is to get graduate from High School because I did not expect to move. This was a hard time of my life since I thought my dream was going to end. However, I decided to fight for what I wanted to do by putting effort to accomplish my dream. High school is a path of education. Moment-by-moment I am getting closer to my dream, to get graduate from high school. After this dream many more will rise up and I know the path to achieve them is not going to be easy, but it will be for me as long as I keep dreaming.

It does not matter how hard life is, what matters is how hard people try to achieve their dreams. In the end, what is going to be reflected is the effort and the belief a person has to accomplish their dreams. All they have to do is to dream and keep dreaming to be successful. I believe life is made of dreams, dreams that people have to hold on to and try to make real.