Cierra - Mineola, Texas
Entered on March 4, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I understand why many people have superheroes. You pick a superhero so you can fell safe, and so you will always have somebody to talk to. I love having superheroes around even though some are not real. My superhero is my grandmom because she done allot in the world. She helps her grandkids receive an education in life. I remember when I was three years old and she helped me ride my pink sparkle bike. I remember when she throw a big party for me and my two cousins. I also remember when she let us help her cook. My grandmom’s always helping everybody why needs help. If my grandmom dies today, everybody will be helpless without her.

My grandmom does more things in one day than many people do in a year, but she is nothing like superwomen. She also helps my gandpapa out a whole lot because he’s getting sick and can not do that much for himself.

I’m wondering if I’m going to be a superhero, when I get old like she now or like bite older. I know what she’s been though I always her example me. People will tell you that superheroes are not real enough to follows, but don’t listen to them. Just be positive about what you think.