I believe

Jamarcus - Mineola, Texas
Entered on March 4, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

Have you ever met someone who thought he was better than you? I believe that you have to give respect to get respect. Some people think that just because they may be older, or in a higher position than others that they can treat people the way they want to and still get respect. I don’t approve of this idea at all.

I believe that most people want to and like to be respected, but it’s not something that just comes with breathing. It’s like an necessary, accessory; it’s not something you can’t live without, but it makes life a lot easier and happier, like love. Respect will take you far in life, also. When people see someone who is well respected, and treats others the same, they approach them differently.

Once I had a coach who evidently felt like since he was maybe 15 years older than I and had a little authority, he could treat me wrong and not expect the same disrespect in return. I never did anything though to make him feel, less of a person, so why should he make me feel that way? So yeah, me and him had a problem as big as Houston. But it’s all solved, now. He realized he was wrong and apologized.

I know no one is a saint, and a lot of problems between people cannot be prevented, but I think respect is important. I believe respect has a lot to do with peoples everyday actions. If someone has respect for himself, he’ll make better decisions than if he didn’t. And if someone has respect for another person, then they’ll most likely have a better relationship. This is one of my strong beliefs, so if you ever meet me, just know that my personality is somewhat like yours. I am a well respected, well respecter.