Cayla - Mineola, Texas
Entered on March 4, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30


Dogs. Three obnoxious, wild Shih- Tzu’s destroying my home is what I come back to each day. Mattie, Mikey and Major. They do everything they’re not supposed to and more. I probably yell at them more than I should, but I wouldn’t trade “my three stooges” for the world. While they’re busy peeing on rugs, eating socks, and digging in the trash can, they protect me.

Years ago, my family got Mattie first, and unfortunately, she’s became very lazy and sad. We got Mikey for Mattie, a friend to cheer her up, and they adjusted to each other pretty quickly. These two dogs are probably the most attention starved animals you will ever meet, but they are filled with love and always accept anyone who comes to our house. As much as I thought these dogs loved me though, I always knew they were really my mom’s dogs. Inside, outside, kitchen, bedroom, they’re right behind her. They refuse to sleep with anyone else, and hearing an occasional “Ugh…move” Is never surprising.

I guess I became a little jealous because I wanted yet another dog! One that would follow me, sleeps only in my bed, and shows me love like the others show my mom.

I soon found myself with a very empty wallet and a two pound ball of barking fur in my hand. My mom always say dogs are like their owners, so when I saw a petite fire cracker messing with all the big dogs, I knew he was the one. I named him Major. He will never be larger than three pounds, but this never stops him from picking a fight.

Through the poop, wake up calls, missing shoes, and a permanent shadow, I have fallen in love with this dog. I believe he’s really a woman’s best friend. He always listens to me, even when he would rather be outside. When I cry, he licks my tears and tries to take my mind off sadness by pulling my hair. He stays by my side no matter what. I believe the qualities of a best friend, I have found in a dog.