This I Believe

Kevin - Houston, Texas
Entered on March 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

The Impossible is Possible

When I was 7 years old, my mom told me to open and fix computer. I told my mom, “It is impossible to fix a computer.” My mom told me try to fix the computer. So I try to fix the computer, and my computer started to work again. My mom told me that in this world nothing is impossible. I believe that on earth nothing is impossible. Anything could be possible or achieve if the goal or work is attempted. If the something on earth is impossible then there would not be an earth. There is evidence why nothing is impossible.

Before my mom told me that this world nothing is impossible, I always thought some things are very hard or impossible to accomplish. I never even bother to attempt my goal or work. My mom’s words about nothing are impossible helps open my mind and eyes, and gave me a “wake up call.” I always thought that impossible is something that the world have. The examples of things that I thought were impossible were the evolution theory or god created us. This is one of the evidence.

On the television, I remembered that the scientist said that making a fuel efficient or hybrid car is not possible. Right now, these fuel efficient or hybrid car are being made from a few automobile companies. Working hard to achieve the goal makes the word “impossible” disappear. Also forgetting about the word impossible makes the goal easier to achieve. This is the two things that support my belief.

These are the two evidences that support my belief that on earth there is nothing impossible. The earth does not have the word impossible in the dictionary. I would never forget the day that my mom told me that the earth there is nothing impossible.