I believe in profits.

James - Gibson Island, Maryland
Entered on March 3, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: work

I believe in profits. I believe that profits should accurately reflect the optimal value for individuals in the society within their resource. I believe that the wealthiest people should be the ones who provided the greatest value relative to their competition. When I was a child, I was perplexed that Elvis made so much money, when my teachers made much less and when my teachers seemed to create more value. After a life of research, I believe that psychological weaknesses like alcoholism and immediate gratification and psychological phenomena like addiction and operant conditioning distort markets. For example, people voice concern about the fairness of high pay for professional athletes, when the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, of which approximately 50% are consumed alcoholics, are important advertisers of athletic events. As a result, I believe that alcoholism contributes to the high pay of professional athletes. I also believe markets need adjustment for psychological weaknesses and psychological phenomena to ensure that entrepreneurs play on a level playing field. From psychology, I have come to expand my belief in profits. I believe that we might have avoided this recession, if we had profits to prevent the need for bank bailouts. I believe that we might have avoided the AIDS epidemic or the Katrina disaster, if we provided profits to prevent disasters. I believe that if we have profits to prevent the terrible costs global warming, we would be more likely to prevent global warming. I believe that we would have less corruption, if fighting corruption were profitable. I believe that we can reduce disasters, corruption, and predation on the psychological weaknesses of consumers, if we allow innovators and entrepreneurs to profit with a market valued fair share in the savings that they provide for consumers. I believe those markets are feasible and necessary.