Basketball has changed my life

CJ - Waterville, Iowa
Entered on March 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Basketball Has Changed My Life

Twice a week I have basketball practice. Those two practices are for the traveling team I play on. I started playing basketball in third grade and I loved it and I still do.

I usually have a tournament every Saturday and sometimes on Sunday too, once basketball season starts. I play teams around our area and a lot around the cities like Ceder Rapids too. The bigger schools and select teams are almost always tougher.

When my team enters tournaments we are always one of the best teams and also one of the smallest schools. Being one of the smallest schools, we are usually underdogs.

When I started playing basketball in 3rd grade, I got very competitive right away.

Basketball has taught me to always try hard at everything. Basketball is only one of many things I do with my friends and family. I don’t just play basketball to win either. Yes, I want to win every game I play, but there are many other reasonings too. I play it for fun and to hang out with my friends and most of all I just love playing.

When I go to basketball games on weekends I am always nervous right before I play, because I always want to do my best and win the game. Sometimes, when I know it’s going to be a good game against the other team, I even play better because of my adrenaline.

Because I started playing basketball in third grade, I got pretty good and basketball has taught me that if you really like something a lot and if you always try hard, you can do almost anything you want to. It has also taught me, when you play a sport you really like, you always do better. You are always better at sports you enjoy a lot.

Basketball in my life has changed me a lot, because, since I started playing, I’ve always tried harder at school and at everything I do. I’ve also started to try to be nicer to people.

I believe basketball has taught me to always try hard at everything and to try hard at school because you can’t play sports if you get bad grades.