Randi - Waterville, Iowa
Entered on March 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18


People lie all the time. How do you know your friends are not lying to your face right now? How do you know your parents are not lying to you? See, these are the questions people ask themselves a lot! Are they telling the Truth? How do you know?

Some people laugh or smile when they talk and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are lying. Some people don’t look you in the eyes. Well, sometimes people don’t like to. So how do you really know? Sometimes you just got to trust them.

One day I was with my friend and she told me she was mad at her parents because they lied to her about her cousin’s death. I asked her how she knew her parents were lying?

She was quiet for the longest time before she answered,’ “I found out from my aunt.”

I told her maybe her parents didn’t want to tell her right away. Maybe they didn’t want her to be hurt at the time.

When she realized that I might be right, she told her parents she was sorry for getting mad at them.

I think you should trust others or go with your gut feeling and ask yourself, “Does this sound right?” If you’re not sure, ask the people who are a part of it if its true. I believe in trust!