This I Believe-Learning

Robin - Prescott Valley, Arizona
Entered on March 3, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Growing from an infant to now an adult, I can now say I notice things in a different light. I see the world changing before my eyes. The belief that I hold very strongly is that I constantly learn. I learn by my own experiences, those that I communicate with, and by going to school. There is no way that I can go throughout life and not see a change. Looking back and even seeing today’s progress, I learn; it is a nonstop process. My own way of thinking and being who I am contributes to my belief. I learn from my own experiences, whether good or bad. Such one comes to mind when I think about my choices. A choice to do my homework, to follow my parents rules, or to follow my friends. All my actions are lead by choice, in which gives me experience. Relatively, when I learn to not tell a lie, for it hurts myself and others; it gives me a chance to experience the feelings and responsibilities required to be truthful. There are countless opportunities to learn and grow from my many experiences in which makes me who I am. Another action of learning is through communicating with others. As I am a human with intelligence and can convey what I mean by simply stating it, it is very simple to learn. Example would be when I talk to my parents in one shape or form-calling, writing a note, texting, or talking in person-all have the same outcome, communication. My parents have their own story to tell and so when I get into a jam, I come to them and ask what their suggestion is to do. Surprisingly, they may have been through it or have a suggestion to solve the problem, though they themselves have not gone through what I have; giving me guidance. They have been here longer than I have, and so, when I listen and communicate, I learn. Being a student, school is important to my character. The obvious way for me to learn is to go to school. Teachers, textbooks, and peers all collaborated together bringing a great opportunity to learn. In math I learn how to solve complex math problems, in science I learn about what surrounds me, in english I learn how to compose myself in writing and in spoken language, in history I learn about past events, and in foreign language I learn about other people who are similarly like me, yet different in culture and language. Even when I’m done with school, I can apply it to my professional life. No doubt I learn something valuable everyday, for today and tomorrow’s future. Just as seasons change, I change, and that is due to my ability to learn. I believe I frequently learn through my own experiences, the communication between others, and schooling. Looking around, I cannot go throughout life and not grasp a bit of knowledge everyday. Just as a young child knows not to touch a hot stove once he/she has touched it once, I continue to learn to do things, valuable or invaluable, but they’re important to me; as I go throughout my life and become the person I am. And to this, I believe I learn in a never ending process as a human being. Every hour, minute, and second, I learn. There is always something to unlock in a world full of questions and little answers.