Life’s Curveballs

Kayla - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on March 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

I believe in life’s unexpected curve balls. They can be gratifying, devastating, thrilling, and overwhelming. Yet, they always give us a lesson to learn from, no matter how big or small. Life has hit me with a string of them beginning with the first of a chain reaction. This past summer when I was living in my tiny town of Royse City, Texas, my step-dad was offered to relocate with his job as a LPDM for Ross Stores, to a town in Colorado called Fort Collins. It seemed to be a good opportunity, yet I couldn’t convince myself that it was in my best interest to leave my friends, family, and past memories. I struggled with the idea of having to move out of my home state of Texas; I’d lived there for 13 years. My family and I prayed, and we finally decided together that we would take the offer and begin new in Colorado.

We were ecstatic to establish life in a new town, and we were also surprised at the sincere and kind atmosphere that surrounded this new place. I was nervous to start my freshman year without knowing anyone, but to my surprise, I made an uncanny assortment of friends, who’ve shown me to be myself is all that I need, and that I don’t have to pretend to be anyone else to “fit in.”

After about a month into my new life, a curveball out of left field came along, due to the beginning of the suffering economy with its weakening retail services; my step-dad lost his job. My mother had to take the reigns. Luckily, since she held a job in health care as a dental assistant, she was sure to keep her job, or so we thought.

Everything was fine, until after New Years when my mother became a victim to the economy and lost her job. We were overwhelmed by these challenges, and there seemed to be no answer until life dealt its hand, and my step-dad was recently offered a job in his expertise that would help his career. However, life wants to lead us on another adventure; the job he has been offered would relocate us to Topeka, KS. As enthralling as that may seem, I have once again resorted to my list of objections to that proposal. However, as I begin to do so, I wonder back to the past few months of my life in Colorado, and I realize that living here has changed me in positive ways. I’ve changed from being a sweet, quiet little girl to a sincere, confident young woman. I’ve gained friends I surely won’t forget, a new way of life, and a new sense of courage.

As I ponder these thoughts, I realize that life’s curve balls aren’t so bad after all; they give me knowledge about myself as a person and I can always look at the positive side of life. This I believe.