A Lesson In Humility

Lawrence - Houston, Texas
Entered on March 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Over the years of my life so far, I always thought of how clever and smart I was. Starting when I first stepped into pre kindergarten, I thought of my self as superior in intelligence. It was this assumption that eventually led me to learn a valuable lesson, a lesson of humility. For when I was accepted into Houston’s best school, Debakey high, I thought it was just going to be another walk in the park. Boy, could I never have been more wrong. My troubles grew, while I unknowingly sat there, waiting in the past. An upcoming test in Geometry would require study, but of course, I thought I was too smart for that. When it came time to take the test, I realized: I didn’t know a darn thing. What do I do now? I was stumped, and class ran out of time. When I came to my teacher’s room to find my grade, I was completely and utterly dazed. I made a 47. Me, of all people I made a 47. Up until this point, I had never made a B before, let alone a C. As I contemplated the events of that day in my bedroom, I made a firm resolution to myself, a resolution that would not, could not, and should not be broken. I have to work hard, life is hard, and success only comes from hard work. No longer would I slack off under the assumption that I was smart, no longer would I even think that I was smart. I would have to become less pompous, and more modest in my mindset. Over the next few weeks, I bore down harder than ever, and pushed myself beyond comparison. All of that was just to get that A, that one simple A in geometry. Finally, a few weeks later the time come for my hard work to pay off; another geometry test was on the horizon. As I strode into the classroom, wondering how I would do, my heart was racing around the world. As I sat down I took a deep breath. I knew that I had to get an A, and no question on that test would stop me. I flew right through the test it was unbelievable. My grade told the same story I received a 97. all my hard work and effort finally paid off, and I learned a valuable lesson. The lesson of being humble, is something that I will carry with me and treasure for the rest of my life.