I believe that teachers can change students!!!

Hannah - Denison, Kansas
Entered on March 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that teachers can change students because of a movie I saw it was called Freedom wrtiters. In this movie the teacher had just started her teaching career in a very dangerous town, in that town is where she changed students, I can relate to this because a teacher has changed me.

The teacher that changed me would have to be Mrs. Coverdale. I believe this because before she became my seminar teacher I was a really bad procrastinator. I would always put things off to the last day, because I was too lazy to start it when I first got it. Even when I procrastinated, I still got a good grade, which was good.

It was always projects that I would procrastinate on. I sometimes do it but not on projects sometimes it would be just daily work. I don’t procrastinate on projects any more because of all the stress that built up cause I was trying to finish it. I wouldn’t necessary wait till the last minute it was more like the last day.

When I procrastinate on daily assignments it isn’t very often. I only do it on sometimes on really hard assignments. I do that because I am to scared to ask the teacher for help during the class, because sometimes, they talk to where everybody can here them and I don’t want people to think that I am stupid or something like that. I am a person who lets what people think about them get to them.

You shouldn’t procrastinate even if you do get good grades, when you procrastinate. You shouldn’t do that because when you get stressed out it is bad for your health. Not only is it bad on you, but also on other people.

The way my seminar teacher Mrs. Coverdale helped me to stop my procrastinating. Was when a teacher handed out any projects she would make us starts it the day that we got it. I was very thankful for that because if she didn’t do that I probably wouldn’t have passed all of my classes. I absolutely disliked it when two teachers would hand out projects simultaneously

This I Believe. That teachers change student’s life because it happened to me. Thank you Mrs. Coverdale.