Hard Work Pays Off

Logan - Circlevill, Kansas
Entered on March 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Since I was 4 years old I have been playing softball, I was one of those that played T-ball and stood out in the outfield and tried to catch a butterfly or stood somewhere in the infield and drew pretty pictures in the dirt. It frustrated my parents quite a lot I can tell you but they knew eventually I would get focused. I was pretty care free about the whole sport until I was about 8.

I decided I wanted to be a pitcher. So, if I was going to pitch my mom wanted me to be at least decent. She scoped out the Internet to see what she could find to get me up and going. She came across a camp for Lisa Carey, the head coach at Washburn University. It didn’t go so good when I first started I had no accuracy at all. But I threw harder than just about anyone my age there.

After this camp I started to get private pitching lessons also at that time batting lessons. It was a lot of work I started to not like it at all. I had to do this entire extra work with pitching and I am a lazy person I hate to admit but I am unless I really want it. So I quit for about a year. That whole ordeal didn’t last long though I hit the age when we could have live pitch in games. So I started up lessons again and to this day I still take them.

I believe in hard work pays off now. Hard work is where it got me to today I am a freshman I am obsessed with softba ll now. I give it my all most of the time. But softball is my way to relieve stress but yet it also stresses me out at the same time. I try to keep excelling and bettering myself, in a sense though it is a way for me to just think about things and relax.

Now I am getting ready for high school ball. I am really excited for it, I plan to give 100 % and work hard all the time. This summer also as I keep moving up and taking the next step playing with new girls, and traveling to all sorts of places. Hopefully, this season will be just as exciting as last year, and hopefully playing for high school is another excitement as much as summer.