This I Believe

Christian - Humble, Texas
Entered on March 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Many people in the world today see life as nothing more than a cycle and process with no purpose. Many believe that their existence is spontaneous and they are only here by chance, but I believe that we have a great purpose and a life planned out for us by an Almighty God who protects us.

God has chosen and made a path for my life. He has given me a family who cares and wants me to succeed in all areas of my life. God has provided me with great educational opportunities since I started out in life,and yet my faith has been tested.

It was November 27, 2007 on my fourteenth birthday. I remember being at home fearful, worried, and wondering what about the condition of my Mother. She had had a heart attack in October, but the stent that was put in failed to work. I stayed home that day from school because I was fearful of the results of her open heart surgery. I stayed in my bedroom and tried not to think about it, but no matter what I watched on television or read, I could not help but worry. While sitting in that quiet, white bedroom I thought about the possible outcome of this day.My Mother could have had complications and died, right then on my birthday.

I changed because she lived through all hopelessness. This experience has changed me because now I realize how important my Mother is to me. I now treat her with more respect and love because I know what she has been through in this situation. I have changed because I know for a fact that my family is abundantly blessed and well and I have the confidence that we will continue to strive in all situations of life.

What do I do for my Mother that is different? Chores, obedience, and taking care of my brother’s and sister’s needs whatever they may be. I am not so resentful anymore just grateful for everything I have.

I believe in God, my family,my education,faith and hard work. this and the life of my Mother spared, showed me first-hand, the living face of God.