life is a fight

Eric - Houston, Texas
Entered on March 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that our purpose in life is found in the causes for which we fight.

The world has fallen into a capitalist domicile and the fear that is instilled in our minds is so great that we cower at the idea of opening the door and breaking away from the pack. Just as our ancient ancestors fought to find food in their world so do we now find the seed of our survival in our monetary achievements.

This change has shifted the focus of our lives from survival to achieving status, which is far from a fight. The passion has been soaked from our souls which are being held in a distant reservoir; and in this reservoir is where the truth lies. The more we struggle and the more we fight, the more satisfaction lies for us in the journey and return of our goal.

This goal has become the day when you no longer have to work and you can live and soak in the true fruits of life. But your life should be spent fighting and failing, loving and learning so that when you reach old age you can influence and teach the younger generation the lessons you learned. But, more importantly, you can tell them that you wouldn’t trade it for anything and that they should do the same. Fight for your life and you will find something great.