Lessons in Death

Watson - Houston, Texas
Entered on March 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

I believe that death is an important part of living. Without death, there would be no meaning for life. Death is what makes life, life. It is a paradox because you need one in order to define the other. It is like the presence and observation of elderly people are what makes young people young.

When people die, others, who are living, search for their meaning or purpose in life. For example, my mother recently passed away. While on her death bed, I made a vow. I promised her that I will be that pharmacist who discovers the cure for cancer. That is now my goal, purpose, and meaning in life.

Also, another reason why death is an important part of living, is coping. How we cope with the death of a loved one can affect how we live. Some people cannot cope and it eats away at them until they die. Others indulge in other emotions or activities to keep their mind off of their lost loved one. Most people take the previous way out. People say that the death of a loved one, if you’re not affected by the situation, will hit harder the longer you wait to be affected.

The last reason for my thesis is that one person’s death can cause other’s to live. A good example would be organ donation. When a person dies, the family can sign a contract in which the hospital can go into the body and retrieve functional organs such as lungs, liver, or kidneys. But before doing so, the hospital finds people who are waiting on an organ transplant.

Those are some reasons that I believe that death is an important part of life. All I can say is that life is short so live your life to the fullest. Don’t let death ruin your life. And also, do not let loved ones die in vain. I certainly won’t.