i believe…in honesty

ashtin - Florida
Entered on March 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

Hello my name is ashtin silver and I believe in honesty. The reason I believe in honesty so much is because honesty runs through the family. I can trust my mom with anything. My friends can also trust me because I keep there secrets to myself and they keep mine.

I believe, if you are not honest you will have to pay the price. “Mom ashtin hit me.”No I didn’t!”Are you honest to your parents or even friends? Honesty is like telling the truth so always be honest. Like just last week I told my step dad I was going to my friend’s house but I really went to the gas station up the street. So I lied and guess what got caught my step dad was waiting right there for me, and I was grounded for a week. Did you know 70% of teens lie to there parent or parents about 70% a day.

I believe, in always being honesty to succeed in life. “Sorry boss I have to call out today I sick, “Jeremy said. To all you adults out there have you ever called out sick but weren’t sick? To have a good job you have to be successful and if you lie and get into a lot of trouble in public it could go on your permanent record. My uncle called out sick from work to go to bush gardens with my cousin and I and his boss was there and my uncle got in a lot of trouble. Did you know 50% of adults call out sick because they just want some time off?

I believe, in trust. “Ashtin I trust you with baby eve.”Don’t worry she will be fine you go have a good time at the circus.”Do you have a teen does your teen trust there friends? Friends are like family but family is closer to you. Like a few nights ago I had a sleep over and I could trust my friend Alyssa to hang out with me than the guys in my neiborghhood. Did you know 80%of teens can trust there friends with anything.

Now you have heard my belief. It is honesty. So I believe in honesty. What do you believe in?