healthy life

Rene - houston, Texas
Entered on March 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe exercise is an essential material in life. It is a wide known fact that sadly, Houston is one of the fattest cities in the United States. It is because there is limited space in our compacted city that I believe the statistics will continue to climb and I feel that it has become a major issue. Statistics state that, it is important to exercise for at least thirty minutes a day, everyday, to maintain a certain weight as well as eat a balanced diet and limit junk food. However, it is a proven statement, that if you exercise at least an hour a day, along with eating healthy and in moderated portions, it is seen that it helps you loose weight.

I believe that exercising and eating right can help you keep a healthy lifestyle and improve your mental capacity. It not only improves your physical features, but also helps to diminish any negative input of your mental state. There have been stories of overweight people that have felt as if they are in prison in their own body because they are not able to do everything others are able to do, due to their physical fitness. This can be hazardous to anyone’s mental condition, which is why promoting exercise can keep things of this nature from happening. With dedication and hard work, there has been a success with weight loss. Running, stretching, and cardio workouts are some examples of exercises that people can do in order to get to their desired body weight. Even though maintaining a certain body weight can be hard; dedication and discipline is needed and must be enforced in order to stay physically fit. There might be occasions where hunger may continue to linger, even though you have already eaten, but the best thing to do is to eat a light and filling snack enriched with fiber.

Although changing to a new routine can be hard, once you get the hang of it, exercising will begin to feel natural as long as you just stay focused on your goal! With excising and eating right, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and a perfectly good weight.