no pain no gain

Djenaba - houston, Texas
Entered on March 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Many people experience difficult circumstances that they think could either make them or break them. For some, revising the situation after the fact helps them come to a productive conclusion, that without going through that obstacle, they wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn from the lesson and better themselves. I believe in “no pain no gain.”

Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way in order to benefit from the situation.

I think me becoming a young lady, I can really relate. As I make mistakes, some can be fixed with a band-aid while others I can only learn from. As I began to interact with more people and gain more responsibility. I found that it is the most challenging.

At the beginning of my sophomore year in high school, volleyball tryouts were just around the corner. Enjoying volleyball as a hobby and being skilled at it, I decided to tryout. Getting through the set and bump drills were a breeze. The next day or so I saw my name on the wall for making the team. Enthused and excited, but I did not think of the all the new responsibility , I would have to take on balancing practice, work and school as well as my leisure activities. I would also learn how to deal with 14 other girls who were my teammates. The dealing with people was durable, but I found it very challenging for myself to balance my schedule. After games or practice I found it very hard to study. After a while I just began to focus on volleyball. Throughout the seasons I was my grades fall like the stock market. Frustrated with myself I began to become motivated in every aspect. When I would hit the hard floor to dive for a ball I would apply that same determination for my studying and school work. Bruises and Bags- were my pain but eventually I gained because of the pain. Determination and perseverance helps you better yourself without feeling the pain of bruises from diving or the tired bags under my eyes from late nights. I gained self tolerance, responsibility and balance.

As I go through relationships, school and other phases of life. I hope to gain from being in difficult positions, to better myself and prepare myself for other tasks in life.