A String of Lies

Kristen - houston, Texas
Entered on March 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Waiting to board the bus, I noticed those around me. Among my company was a young woman about twenty years old. She stood there, poised, well dressed, and smiled lightly. Her blouse, a blood red color, had the most intricate designs. From afar the composed woman seemed magnificent, but as I made my way closer, I saw the woman who I once compared with beauty, flawed. From the back of her blouse, dangled a thin thread, the kind that if pulled would only become longer and irritating. I struggled to maintain my focus, averting from her loveliness to her flaw. These errors made her figure seem cluttered and disorganized, forever changing my reputable judgments about her. Lying detracts from ones true personality, just as an abnormal thread. I believe lying destroys true character.

Once a lie has been created, more follow, only pulling the string until the original object is unidentifiable. This never actually solves the problem, but only creates a puzzle within itself. People become deluded when the continually lie to others. The time and energy spent on creating lies takes true effect on a person. Instead of showing their real personality, it is hidden by their false stories. They are indirectly obstructing themselves from society. A lie also imposes on true identity, whether it is to avoid punishment or to protect others. Along with committing yourself to trouble, those who are lied to also face harm.

Although lying is detrimental, it is better to stop immediately, then to continue. If continued, one has nothing to rely on but the lies created. The use of scissors, a useful instrument, will rid the thread, absolving the woman from flaws. Just as one can easily cut the loose thread, one can refrain from lying. Through friend and family, identity can be restored.