The power of napping

Michael - Ashburnham, Maryland
Entered on March 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the joy of napping. From the dawn of man people have known how great a nap is, and many cultures to this day set aside time for a nice solid powernap. I believe that these cultures are on to something that Americans in general take for granted. The traditional siesta after a meal is a fantastic way to relax and set myself up for a productive afternoon. A powernap during lunch break could bring the sleepiest worker back into the realm of productivity. Why, if high schoolers were allowed a 20 minute nap in the day, teachers wouldn’t have to worry about them falling asleep in their textbooks. The nap is a beautiful tool that anyone can use, and I believe that we should all be taking advantage of its relaxing, rejuvenating effects.

I believe in the scientific backing of a solid powernap. Studies have proven that a 20 minute nap is as good as a night’s sleep for several types of memory tasks. A study by the National Institute of Mental Health proved that a nap in midday can reverse the effects of information overload. Another study proved that napping can boost mental performance back to morning levels. I believe that this scientific evidence is all the proof I need to take advantage of powernaps whenever I feel them necessary.

I believe that a nap can cure almost anything. If you have a headache, take a nap and that headache is gone when you wake up. Suffering from a stomach ache? Have some ginger ale and take a nap and the next thing you know your back to normal. The nap is truly one of the greatest healing agents. Whenever I feel sick, I know that lying down and taking a nap will always make me feel better. Beyond medical healing, a nap will make me feel better about anything. For instance, if I am having a bad day I can come home and take a quick nap to calm down and relax. If I’m worried about something, I can nap for a few minutes and then wake up ready to assess the situation. Napping is a cure-all that is free, easy, and accessible to anyone.

I believe that if there is one thing that can make anything better, it has to be a solid nap. The nap is something we start as infants and carry on for the rest of our life. I know that from now till the day I die I will always be able to take a nap to make myself feel and perform better. Whether it’s a nap to regain stamina and mental efficiency, a nap to rid myself of a headache or fever, a nap to calm myself down, or just a nap for the sake of napping, I will be able to nap and enjoy the benefits. I believe in the power of a good old fashioned nap.