Music: The Way To My Soul

Beatriz - Houston, Texas
Entered on February 28, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Music: The Way to My Soul

What I believe in is music. Music is said to be a pleasing or harmonious succession or combination of sounds. This is true, but to me it means a lot more than that. To me, music is like one of my best friends because it has been there with me through the toughest of times. In addition, it is a way of expressing your feelings, and connecting to your culture.

When I say that music has helped me though the toughest of times it is true. When I get mad or sad and do not feel like talking to anyone I just start listening to the music in my mp3 player and in a matter of seconds I feel better. It is like if when I listen to music all of my problems and worries just drift away. Suddenly, the melancholic girl turns that sad frown upside down into a beautiful smile.

In addition, music is a way of expressing your feelings. If you have not noticed, most songs symbolize something. They usually have a story behind them. What I find interesting is that sometimes people can relate to those songs through personal experiences. This reminds me of a song that says to not go for looks but to instead look for love because my grandma tells me the same thing.

Finally, music is a way of connecting to your culture and other people. Through music, you can connect to other people because even though you come from different backgrounds you may like the same music. This shows how boundaries do not affect music. This is true because I remember when I would ride the bus in middle school, and listen to music with my friend Kassy. We would listen to each other’s mp3 players and then one day we notice that we were not that different after all. We liked almost the same types of music, and we came from different backgrounds.

In conclusion, music is such a valuable and important thing to me. That is why I believe in music.