Little Bambino

MacKenzie - Deerfield, Illinois
Entered on February 28, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Yes, I like to cry, don’t you? Some people say aren’t strong if you cry. However, I believe in crying. I believe people shouldn’t build up those emotions inside. Instead, have a good cry.

When people think of crying, they think of it as a negative, not a positive. When tragic event happen in your life and the only thing you can do is to cry because there is no other reaction you could possibly have you. When I cry, my eyes are soaked until they can’t produce anymore and my face is so red, I’m unrecognizable. I can barely talk because I get so passionate in what I am trying to say. Even my eyes change color to a lighter blue. After I cry I always feel better like ton of weight came off my chest. Sometimes the crying lasts for a few minutes and provides quick relief to feelings of sadness. But at other times it lasts a few hours. My body gives so much energy and gives me a sense of relief.

During my young adolescent years, I was super self conscious and had low esteem. In Middle School, when everyone is going through a weird period in their life. I was an easy target for bullying. Kids used to make fun of me because of my appearance and being in special education classes. I wore glasses, I was overweight, and no one ever saw me except in gym class. I am not athletic at all. They would always say rude comments and ignore me like I was just air. I never understood why; I would start crying. After a good cry, I felt better and knew that I was looking at myself at the end of the day, not those kids. Even when I am having a bad day, I start to cry. I let every emotion out. I realized tomorrow is a new day. When my cousin died a few years ago, I couldn’t cry. His death was as much unexpected as it was shocking. I didn’t know what to do with myself. There was so much emotion building up, and I kept everything to myself. This started to bother me and I started to feel depressed. Finally I burst, I cried and felt so better. You can’t keep everything bunched up together.

My mom calls me a “little bambino” (baby) because I like to cry my feelings out. Crying is like a painkiller. It makes me numb and flushes away all of those thoughts away. I believe crying is therapeutic and great way to express yourself. It’s okay to cry. My dad always said if you are a having a day, close door, and cry. And let it all out. Someone anonymous once wrote, “When you cry upon a pillow or tears fall down a cheek. It’s just emotions overflowing. Not a sign of being weak.” This is what I believe in.