Kosi - Sugar Land, Texas
Entered on February 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I’ve never been anywhere like it, let alone anywhere out of the country. I didn’t know what to expect, I mean, I had heard about all the poor people in Africa, the diseases (I even recall the vaccinations we received so we wouldn’t be sick), and whatnot so I thought everywhere was going to be like that, as if that didn’t add to my fearsome curiosity of airplanes. Full of nervousness, I readied myself to board the flight. I never even met the cousins I was going to visit. So curiosity and fear filled me since I had not a clue as to their physical appearance, and their characteristics. So of course, I had to be strong and wait it out.

Finally, “Flight #187, Air France, 3:00 pm.” The intercom had said, “Boarding now.” You guessed it, our flight. With our luggage, we walked through the terminal ready to board the plane. I had never been in a terminal before, so when I walked over the open parts where the terminals were connected I was scared they would become disconnected. But I kept walking; handle of my carry-on luggage in one hand, my GameBoy Color® in the other. My GameBoy Color was a turquoise color, and would be my best friend the whole plane there. Once on the plane my parents, my little brother, and I shoveled to our seats struggling to find luggage storage compartments. I just followed my mom to our seat, sat down, and started playing my GameBoy Color®. Which of course, I’d be doing the whole plane ride there. Early on in the plane ride I saw a Caucasian boy. He was about my age, six or seven years old, and surprisingly had the exact same Pokemon Red game. Finally I had something fun to do other than playing my GameBoy Color® the whole time; I could now play it the whole time with a buddy. Big difference. We played a lot of Pokemon Red, finding new Pokemon and battling new Pokemon Leaders. Since he was white, I was curious as to what he’d be doing on a plane filled with Nigerian people. Apparently, his dad worked for an Amsterdammer oil company in Nigeria, which is a major exporter of oil. I hadn’t even thought that Nigeria consisted of any white people.

As we started getting to the heat of a good conversation about Pokemon and whether or not we should trade Pokemon, the flight attendant says, “Flight #187 has just arrived at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.” So then I said my farewells to Chris and his sister, and even got his phone number. Saying bye to a friend was pretty hard. Within 24 hours I had made a new best friend, and in one second he’s gone just like that. But I learned that day that no matter how cool you think a friend is, not all of them are going to stay your friend forever, it’s almost impossible.