The Day

Hunar - Sugar Land, Texas
Entered on February 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I heard my name screamed across the bedroom by my mother as I tried to conceal myself under the blanket. As my mom came up the stairs I tried to think where to go,” Under the bed, in the closet, ahhh it’s too late.” She opened the door and went and went looking in the closet and under the bed but even with that strong determination she couldn’t spot me. After she had gotten tired, she sat down on the bed and lied down. That is when she found me. She took off the covers and gave me a small lecture about how if I stayed in here and my mom left for work I would be home alone then dragged me out of the bed. I took a quick shower and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

While eating burnt blueberry pancakes I looked and loathed at the red Spiderman bag pack sitting on the couch. After making breakfast, my mom went to the sink, and started to wash the dishes. I tried to run for it up to my bedroom but my mom caught me about half-way up the stairs, and took me to the new 1998 Toyota corolla what felt like a ton of weight on my shoulders getting heavier and heavier. I reached the elementary school and thought of all the things that could go wrong I might get lost, the teacher might not like me, I might get in trouble, did I bring all the supplies I need, I might not make any friends, and what if I get a bad conduct grade. When I went in the classroom not wanting to and met the class and the teacher I knew it wouldn’t turn out a good day.

After school I went home in the stinking car which had earlier delivered me to my school and my mom told me after we reached home, “Tomorrow you will ride the bus to school.” Then I went upstairs calmly so my mom thought I would come down my self tomorrow but actually I am going there to find another hiding place for tomorrow.

What I learned from this experience is that things don’t always go the way you want them so you have to adapt.