chubby and okay with it

connor gooderl - holton, Kansas
Entered on February 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

A lot of people don’t get it at all why I’m okay with being chubby. First of all I know it would be healthier if I lost weight and exercised more, which I’m trying to do but I don’t care if people make fun of my size because I do it more than anyone else.

I guess it started out in about 5th or 6th grade as just beating the less then friendly people in my school to the joke because if I made fun of me being over weight they knew it didn’t matter to me so they didn’t make fun of me.

About 8th grade I realized being outgoing and making people laugh was so much more fun than being shy and quite. By then I really truly didn’t care if people made fun of me since I was comfortable in my own skin. Except I still had a huge arsenal of fat jokes up my sleeve and most of them were really funny. Such as

“I have the body of a god its to bad that god is Buddha” and “I have more rolls then a bakery.” I would also make sarcastic remarks about my size and athletic ability or should I say lack of athletic ability whenever I got the chance. Sometimes I can even make the people that used to make fun of me laugh and that’s always fun.

A lot of people ask me, “Why do you make fun of yourself? ” I figure everybody has his or her flaws. If you spend all your time trying to convince people you don’t have any you won’t have as much fun with life. Yeah I need to lose weigh, I realize that but until then I’m going to use my flaws to make people laugh. I like me the way I am and if other people don’t like that I’m comfortable in my own skin then I guess their just out of luck. I think being over weight as a gift that God gave me so I can make people laugh and its not laughing at my expense because I laugh just as hard as anyone.