Life is Not and Never Will Be Fair

Tyler - Denison, Kansas
Entered on February 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that life is never fair. I say that because when I was 6 my life changed forever.

When I was 6 I was adopted. I didn’t want to go to my new home because I would leave my real brother and because I was scared. I had already met my new mom and dad and I thought they where ok. At first when I got adopted my brother Josh and I didn’t really get along but as we have lived together we get along better now.

When I hear people say, “that’s not fair”, I just want to yell at them and tell them that life is not and never will be fair. It really makes me feel bad when people say it’s not fair when one person gets a dollar more than the other sibling, or when someone gets something brand new and someone gets a handy down. It just irritates me so much because most people don’t know what it is like to be move from one family to another because your mom didn’t want you.

There are those people who do say ‘Wouldn’t it be better if the world was fair’. They are right to a point. If the world was fair, there wouldn’t be any homeless people living in the streets or any poverty in poor countries of the world and girls wouldn’t be sold to be slaves. I agree with this part.

The reason why I don’t agree with that question is that if the world were fair, then where would all the competition be in sports, work force, and in schools. If the world were fair our world would be pretty boring. What would be cool is if we could find a way to get rid of all the poverty in the world but keep all the competition that would be pretty cool.

So just remember when you get your paycheck and someone gets more than you and you worked the same hours and make the same money, don’t get upset instead just think that at least you have money unlike some people out there and he probably worked for it.