My Brother’s Brithday

Nicholas - sugar land, Texas
Entered on February 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

As I stare at the wall in my room I began to hear everyone sing happy birthday to my brother downstairs. The house had a wonderful aroma of honey glazed ham and sweet potatoes. As they continue to sing I begin to think about the day before.

Around five o’clock I began to hear gunshots coming from outside. In a hurry I jumped out of bed to go alert my brother, but he isn’t there. So I go downstairs and head to the garage to see if his car is gone but, it was still there. Then I noticed tat his dirt bike was gone, and so was his shotgun. Then I immediately realize were the sound of gunshots were coming from. So I get my shotgun, jump on my dirt bike and head for our lake which is about half a mile away. While I am driving I was driving I began to think, why he leaved to go hunting so early, and why didn’t he come and get me.

As soon as I got there I see him behind a blind with his shotgun. I ride my dirt bike over there to ask him what he is doing out so early but, as soon as he starts to answer me we hear a engine of in the distance. He jumps on his bike and takes the long way back to the house to be sure no one hears him coming back. As I stand there with my shotgun in my hand right next to a blind I realize the situation I just got myself into. When my dad pulled up he told me to go to my room and not to go out until we leave the ranch.

When I get to my room my dad came upstairs and asked me what I was thinking. I wanted to tell him everything about how it was all my brothers fault but, seeing the fact that the next day was my brothers birthday I held my silence.

Once they finished singing happy birthday they asked him what he wished for, and he said,” I wish my brother could be here and celebrate this day with me.” I was speechless I couldn’t believe what he had just said. Then I realized that things that make others happy might not always make you happy, and that’s what I believe.