A New Life

Bianca - Sugarland, Texas
Entered on February 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

Someone once said, “You’re fortunate to be in private school.” I wondered what they were thinking.

Peering out of the window my hopes cried as we passed the giggling children enjoying their daily free time. In my mind, I only dreamed of joining the group. Mom always rejected the idea of me going to public school and I never knew why. I wondered if my dream was a mistake, because I got what I wanted and I’m not sure it was for the best.

The sweet aroma of maple syrup tickled it’s way up my nose, and awoke me with a playful smile. Getting up in the morning was programmed in my mind like a dance routine. I brush my teeth then wash my face. I put on my dreadful plaid uniform only to attend another day of the equally dreadful school. Then I bounce downstairs to eat the breakfast Mom had cooked. My loyalty to this dance was undeniable. It happened everyday without my knowledge. Once downstairs I ate my waffles and then prepared to leave the house. When I was ready Mom drove me to, Drake, the private school I attended. I wasn’t very fond of private school, it was so boring to me. I always felt as if I were fading into the background among the other students. Every night, after my homework was finished, I begged my mom with great fevor to let me go to public school.

Finally one day she gave in. I exploded with transcending excitement. The next day Mom and I went to enroll me into my neighborhood school. I was so happy that I wasn’t paying attention to what my mom was telling me. Since I was going to a close-by public school there was no reason for her to be at home, so she was going back to work. I really didn’t that much would change, but I was obviously wrong.

On my first day I was so nervous that I barely even slept the night before, anticipating the next day. I was up and ready before seven o’clock. All the emotions I was feeling went down the drain as soon as I walked through th second grade classroom door. I saw chaos through my eyes. I was so accustomed to the structure and order of private school that this new environment stunned me. As I took my first steps I realized I was stepping into my new life.