The World of Secrets

Mercedes - Holton, Kansas
Entered on February 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that it is important to keep a friend’s secret.

I always get in fights with one or more of my friends every school year. No matter how many times I say I am never going to be friends with them again, somehow it doesn’t always work. I am usually a friend with them within two or three days. I stop and think about what I say to myself everyday when I see them, and I always end up telling them and we always laugh about it and what they say about me we always laugh at too.

Seventh grade year I got in a huge fight with one of my best friends about who she liked. I had spent the night at her house on a Saturday and we were talking about who we liked. When I went to school that Monday I caught myself standing by the boy she liked. I started a conversation with him. Then out of the blue I told him that she liked him. Turns out he didn’t like her at all like that; he just liked her as a friend. I told her I told him and a few other people but she didn’t want him to know, and she definitely didn’t want any other people to know. So she got really angry with me. The next day at school she completely ignored me. It made me stop and think about how she really liked this guy and he didn’t like her. I remembered when another one of my friends told the guy I liked that I liked him, and he didn’t like me. I was completely embarrassed when I was around him. Maybe this is how she felt when she was around him. I sent her a text telling her I was sorry, and she said it was okay and we were friends again. I was so happy!

Instead of telling somebody your friend’s secret, just keep it a secret and no fights or arguments will be started. I believe that it is important to keep a friend’ secret. I learned my lesson the hard way, by not only telling the boy she liked him, but I also told a few other people, that made her even madder. Just keep your friend’s secrets to yourself and they will probably do the same for you.