Miracles Do Happen

Julia - Holton, Kansas
Entered on February 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, setbacks

My grandfather was a man who would drink. He would drink often and in large amounts. He became very angry when he got drunk, as well: not very pleasant to be around. You could be his best friend one minet then he would turn and be the angriest man alive, throwing things, and destroying anything in his path.

I would have to say at this time in his life he was a very greedy man. Why I say this is because he had a wife, and two kids, (my dad, and my aunt). Every time he drank I can assure you that he was only thinking about one person and that was himself. Yeah, maybe he didn’t have the perfect life growing up being one of twelve kids but who does?

On a day that was no different than the normal, my grandpa finally realized how he was hurting the people who loved him the most. He was driving home from the bar, and swerved off the road and hit a telephone pole. He was life starred to a hospital, and was very lucky to still be breathing. The EMT’s said if he was over a few more inches he very well could have died. I think it was those words that made him realize that he was so wrong for drinking every night.

While he was in the hospital the doctors made it known to him and my family that he would not walk ever again. This traumatized my family, no one knew what to think or even say. My grandpa was in the hospital for almost two months; low and behold he walked right out of that hospital. He may not walk like everyone else, but he walks and that’s all that matters.

Because of this experience, my grandpa has never had any alcohol again. He is also the loving grandpa that I soon came to know, and because of his accident my family learned the important lesson of life, how one second can change everything. If my grandpa had died I would have only had one. I think this was for the better; he goes to church almost every Sunday, and he is a happy man. He is my grandpa and he taught me a lot. I don’t know what I would do without him. Miracles do happen. This I believe.