The absence of morality

Daniel - Harrisonburg, Virginia
Entered on February 26, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that morality doesn’t exist. I believe what is considered moral is arbitrarily defined by a collective consciousness of people based on culture and the time period. It is constantly evolving, adapting to the latest social trends. There is no universal moral ideal shared by all of mankind. The changing fluidity of morality makes it unreasonable to hold yourself that that standard in live. Instead I assert that we as human beings should embrace our free will and live free, free from the bounds imposed by morality and society.

But without morality to guide us, what does it mean to lead a good and decent life. With the absence of morality it is difficult to answer, however just because morality doesn’t exist that doesn’t mean good and evil don’t as well. The non existence of morality doesn’t diminish the decency of a good deed, if anything it makes it more genuine. This is because people are freely choosing to do it rather than giving into society pressures. Ultimately what it means to lead the right life is different for everybody, and is whatever it is that you can justify the most. Living your life free and with no regret, this is what it means to lead the right life. For some this may mean doing good, others bad, either way people are held accountable for our actions, we are the keepers of the earth and it is as we have let it become.