The Cure

Shameya - Newark, New Jersey
Entered on February 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

My best friend Angel became at least three statistics by the time we hit seventh-grade. DRUGS…DONE. SEX…DONE. PREGNANCY…DONE. Almost any teen statistic that you could think of, Angel has been or is today. But why do I still walk proudly beside her and call her my BEST friend. Or maybe the better question is why does she still walk proudly beside me and give me the BEST friend title. I believe that the answer is simply LOVE. Although it hurts most times and is rarely enough in any situation, I believe that love is the cure for pain.

I always wondered how someone as beautiful and strong could do so many horrible things, and then I laugh and think to myself: LIFE. It can change people or part of them. I’ve seen it done. Every time I look into Angel’s eyes I can see a young lady struggling to fit in, but sometimes when I look deep enough after a day of hanging out and having fun, I can still see that young fifth-grade girl that acted more like a boy. That stayed over my house more than her own. That girl that could just be herself and not care what the “group” thought.

Love is what gives me hope for Angel. Sometimes I go for days, weeks, may be months without speaking to her. I lie awake at night wondering if she’s okay, thinking about how maybe it’s my fault that she’s a statistic to begin with. Then I go back home for a break from school and see her. When it’s just me and her, I can tell that she knows I love her. I say the words “I Love You” over and over sometimes so that she gets the message. And although she is still a bunch of statistics I’ll be here when the day comes. I’ll be here when she wakes up and realizes that someone LOVES her for her. And I believe in my heart that she will wake up, and she will come to understand that love is all she needs make it through.