God, the force

James - Gulf Shores, Alabama
Entered on February 26, 2009
Age Group: 65+

I believe God is the force that created the world. The continued existence of that creation confirms the continued existence of the force. Evidence for the existence of God can be likened to evidence for the existence of wind. While it cannot be viewed directly, the effect on the world is everywhere and unmistakable. God exists in everything in the world. God is fair, just, and the rules of the force apply equally to all.

As individuals resulting from this creation, humankind should understand the magnificence of the gift of life and accept the responsibility to use the force responsibly. Our role is to utilize our gifts to enhance the chances of survival of that which was created.

Success in life results from acting in concert with God. This requires understanding the force. The accumulation of that understanding should be a primary goal of humankind. Individuals who understand the force apply that knowledge to achieve life goals. Like knowledge of the wind provides for optimum management of a sailboat, knowledge of God, the force, results in optimum management of life’s decision-making.

Humankind’s greatest challenge is to accept that God is a force, not a supreme being who can grant favors and control events. Among the most precious of gifts to humankind is free will. Free will allows humans to shape the world. Physics teaches us that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. But free will allows us to shape the world utilizing that which we have been given.