Love is Love

Sarah - Franktown, Colorado
Entered on February 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love, tolerance

Love is Love

In my family we all have our beliefs, but we try our best to be open minded. We believe that Wiccans, Pagans, and Druids alike are all nice kinder spirits, even though the Bible says they’re evil. We believe many things, some beliefs aren’t as strong as others, but one of my strongest beliefs is that we shouldn’t judge people because of their sexuality. Someone is either straight or not, but why should we judge them on such a thing? Though I had believed it before, I had never felt so strongly about this until I had a conversation with my friend Lauren in the car.

As we talked in the back seat about nothing impreticular, her mother was in the front, listening to our every word. Lauren started on a story about a funny thing that had happened the weekend before. Apparently, it had been a normal Sunday morning when she and her family were on their way to church. Lauren had groaned when her father turned on the radio, because –even though the song had just started-she recognized the song as one she didn’t like. He heard the groan, and turned up the volume. It was only when the lyrics came on and Lauren had begun singing to them did he find his mistake. “I kissed a girl, and I liked it,” she’d emphasize. His face beet red, he turned off the radio. We both laughed at the incident. I saw her mom, in the front seat, shake her head. After we stopped laughing, she said how what Katy Perry had done was immoral and such. I sat, paralyzed, with rage about what she had said. Then, she proceeded to add to the list which I’m sure could have easily been titled “Why Being Gay is the Worst Thing in the World”.

“But Mom,” Lauren protested, “Remember when Hannah kissed me back in first grade? You weren’t mad then!” I was shocked-I hadn’t known- but her mom, unfazed replied:

“That’s different.” A few more words were added to the list like: disgusting, terrible, the devil’s touch, unnatural, and ‘just not right’. Then, she actually looked back at me and informed me that if I wasn’t straight, I could no longer associate myself with Lauren. She had never had a strong dislike for me before, and it was almost disturbing to me that I wouldn’t be able to see one of my friends just because I had decided I didn’t like guys anymore. I was still human, and it wasn’t as if I had just killed anyone. I just wouldn’t like guys anymore, hardly a crime. I considered myself lucky when there was a lull in the conversation and the subject changed before I actually said my real belief: I believe that we shouldn’t judge people on their sexuality, because love is love, no matter what.