This I Believe

Devon - Miami, Florida
Entered on February 25, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Last year I decided to join the cross-country team at my school. It was a big decision considering the fact that it was during the first quarter of my first year in high school, and I was afraid it might be hard for me to manage my grades and my athletics. But I had always wanted to run. Also, I knew it was great for my mind and soul, and it is something that I feel a connection with because even though it is a group sport, it is a sport that I can perform on my own. I liked the feel of competing against my own teammates.

I had never run competitively. The only other sport I had participated in was tennis, and in tennis matches there are the small sprints, but not consistent running. The only other time I had run was during my physical education classes, but we were required to only run a mile at the most. I joined the team, and I have never regretted it.

The coach of the cross-country team is very persistent, and he has a lot of faith in me. He tells me I have a lot of potential. All of these positive remarks make me feel happy and confident and make me want to excel in the sport. My first 3.1 miles of the first season was about a thirty-minute run. That was not a good run; I believed I could do better. I believed that with practice and determination I would improve my time.

Over time I have improved significantly and without a doubt my outlook on the sport and on every other sport has changed. In cross-country I have to push myself physically and mentally. I have to clear my thoughts and focus on breathing and stepping. I have to free my head.

Additionally, when I was stressed I found that my running time was not as good as when I was stress free. When I run I try not to think of things I normally worry about. I just forget it all and sing songs to myself. This helps with running and also with relaxing. Doing all of this helped me improve my running time.

I believe that in some cases, the less you think about a problem the better able you are to receive a solution. Sometimes it is necessary to relax and let the answer come to you. The less you worry about things the further you will get and the less anxious you will be. Furthermore, I believe that if you set your mind to something it will happen even if it takes a while since not everything you want comes to you right away; you have to work for it and wait for it. This I believe.