I believe the power of unity

Jacky - 55021, Minnesota
Entered on February 25, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Everybody has problems that can’t solve by themselves. This is why cooperation is so important. One single person’s power may be weak, but thousands of people together can be strong. If people are united, they gain power and are able to solve any problems. I believe that unity is power.

I once heard a story about the old king and his ten powerful princes. They all owned big palaces and have strong armies, but they still wanted more power. So they fought against each other, and the whole country was in a mess. One day, their father the old king called all his sons to his side, gave each of them an arrow and told them to break it. They all could break it easily. Then the old king tied 10 arrows together tightly and told his sons to break them again. This time nobody was able to break them. This shows us a very simple but valuable logic: unity is power!

There is another example which can show that the power of cooperation is stronger than individual ability. When I was in middle school, I was once chosen to attend the 4 by 100 relay race in the school sports meet. As we were all very good at running, and the guy who could run the fastest in our school was also on the team. So we didn’t think we could lose. We even didn’t practice. We all thought that we could get the first prize easily until the race began. Since we didn’t practice, we dropped our relay baton twice during the race, which caused our loss.

No matter how strong a single power is, it will never be stronger than the power of unity. When people congregate together and have a same goal, they will help each other solve the difficulties in front of the goal as well as trying their best to reach that goal. Then the group will get stronger and become unbeatable.

I believe that unity is power.