Strength of the Middle Class

Trey - Orange Park, Florida
Entered on February 25, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

I believe in the strength of the middle class. I see all the odds stacked against them everyday, failure of unions in the south, tax cuts for the rich, economic stimulus packages for the working man, and the best America has to offer for the working man is Mac Donalds dollar menu I see all this and it brings me down, until I see the grin of all the workers. I see their perseverance, bleed through. I see the job market in the worst condition I’ve ever seen it. People still get blue collar jobs, and that just shows the middle class is here to stay.

My father sits as a senator for the teachers union in Florida. Unions fight for the working class, but in Florida it is illegal for teachers to strike. So the teachers hold little power. But still they fight for more funding and to end pay freezes. My brother is a chef at Capital grille, and at a car garage. He wakes up everyday and works to pay a mortgage on a house that has lost value, and to pay for his daughter’s health care and food. Both of these men belong to a fading American dream and try just to survive by keeping they’re middle class lifestyle.

Just two examples of two underdogs stuck in this failed system of “trickledown” economics, and they still get up everyday and fight to stay alive and succeed. Now I no longer see the odds they face, only the goals they strive for. The Middle class is fading; that’s what the news tells me. It made me worried at one time, but not any longer. Now I just see the workers and realize as long as they have a say in it, the middle class is here to stay. And I believe this.