Living to the max

Zachary - edelstein, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in living your life to the maximum. I believe in doing this by doing things that you wouldn’t normally do, have no regrets, and learn from your experiences. I have done all of this and am still doing it to this day. I have learned a lot and enjoyed every second of trying new things.

I attempt to try anything even if it doesn’t interest me at first. I built a twelve foot high wooden ramp next to my pond just for fun. The ramp was intimidating when I first made it because no one had ever hit it. I just went right off it and had no doubts. After learning how to jump off of the ramp my friend and I started to try to do back flips on BMX bikes. My friend did one right away and I couldn’t stay on the bike when I was upside down. Eventually I learned how to stay on. Then my friend talked me into trying to do a superman seat grab which is when you to let go of the bike in the air and grab on to the seat in a full extension. I went for it and ended up doing one but I wasn’t able to pull the bike back straight. I did a nice belly flop into the water.

I attempt everything with no regrets because I will have fun. I have jumped a wheel chair multiple times off of my ramp. The first time I went off the ramp I hit the water face first and belly flopped. I drank some pond water and also managed to get some in my nose. The jump didn’t go as planned and I was in a little pain; none of this slowed me down for a second attempt. Later that day I rode the same wheel chair down a huge hill with no one pushing. I ended up going twenty-five miles per hour down the hill. When I got towards the bottom of the hill I hit a small rock with the front tire and I was sent flying. I hit the ground laughing and then a few seconds later the wheel chair rolled into me leaving me with a bruised hip. Still to this day I wouldn’t have a second thought about doing it all over again.

After trying all kinds of things I have learned to just go for it and don’t hold back. I have jumped freestyle ramps, seventy foot dirt jumps, and just tried anything that seemed like a fun idea. I did wrecked over a small jump on my four wheeler and a rock went into my chin leaving a golf ball sized hole. I went to the hospital and received fifty stitches in three layers. When I got home I was back out riding my four wheeler. I know that I can get hurt doing things like this but that is no reason to not have fun.

I believe in living your life to the max by getting the most out of your life. I just want to be able to say at the end of my life that I did everything I could have and that I enjoyed everything I was ever given. This is my one and only life to live so I plan on doing just about anything that will be fun.