I must think like John Updike

George - Manassas, Virginia
Entered on February 24, 2009
Age Group: 65+

National Public Radio has a series they call, “This I Believe”. in addition to writing in what you believe in, NPR has a trailer that goes around the country where you can actually sit down and record what you believe in. Many folks great and small have written in their beliefs or have gone and sat down to record their thoughts.

My daughter Kate who lives in Austin, Texas with her great husband Alvin Youngblood and their two super kids, Winona and James sent me a piece that the late John Updike wrote for National Public Radio on things he believed. After I read Updike’s piece, I wrote back–

Dear Katie–

Although I will never be a John Updike, I think I believe in some of the same things he believed in.

I believe in my children–they are a part of me and all those who have gone before me. They are my connection to the future.

I believe in love and the need to be loved.

I believe in miracles because I have seen them.

I believe science and God can co-exist but that one does not explain the other

I believe that this country offers every person the opportunity to succeed–but it takes the will to do so.

I believe people are basically good, but circumstances can make them do terrible things.

I believe that a government of the people has a duty to do for the people what they cannot do for themselves.

I believe that we have a duty to serve others in some way–to share our talents to the betterment of those who do not have those same talents.

I believe that laughter is tonic for the soul.

I believe in planting a tree in whose shade you will never sit.

I believe there is no such place as Hell–but without a belief, your life may end and that is all there will be–that alone would be Hell.

I believe I have rambled far too long.