A Meeting with Mercy and The Gift of Forgivness

Robert - Jacksonville, Florida
Entered on February 24, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in love & forgiveness. My life and my perspective changed on Dec 12, 2007. I had just moved to Florida after making some serious mistakes, traveling down a road of selfishness and destruction. I longed for a new start. I wanted to forget the past and press towards the future. To pick up my pieces and make new was something I thought was unattainable. Just when I felt like it was over and it couldn’t get any worse, I found grace and mercy. Little did I know it, grace was walking along side me the whole time. I experience forgiveness and love. I believe to forgive, it takes love, and to love you must forgive. The day I walked through the doors of Celebration Church of Jacksonville, Jesus Christ met me where I was. With my hands raised in surrender of my sins asking him to enter my heart and forgive me of what I’ve done, I experienced love. Free of my past and the record erased, I was forgiven. I believe God is good, God is love and love is good. I believe true love is selfless, giving and sacrificial. He loved me so much he was willing to give up his own son. I believe He who is in Him, is in us and that we are forgiven. I hope to one day, change someone’s world around by pointing them to the one who changed mine and ask if they would do the same. I wanted to love and be loved and when someone showed just how much they did, I could do the same. The only way I can totally love, selflessly give, and totally follow is by having a relationship with Him. It is a daily walk. A walk that requires that I pick up my cross daily, giving myself fully to the work of the Lord who called me according to his purpose. I love the Lord my God with all my heart, Soul and Mind. Because of his Love expressed I can Love others as much as myself. So it’s no surprise that my life is all about God, this is what I live for and this is who I am. Because I believe God is life and God is Love. So when I fail, stumble, and fall, I trust; Mercy comes running and wraps me in His arms dusts me off and says “I Love You” your forgiven.