I Believe In Ice Cream

Sarai - Durham, North Carolina
Entered on February 24, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Did you know that there is an ice cream sundae that’s costs $12,000? It costs $12,000 because it has gold fillings and gold leaves in it. But really, an ice cream sundae that costs $12,000! I believe in ice cream. There are thousands of flavors of ice cream. My favorite ice cream is cookie dough. I believe ice cream is a work of art with the ingredients combined so carefully to come together and form such a delicious dessert. I believe ice cream is made to eat at anytime, during the winter, during the summer, after something sad, or after something worth celebrating. Ice cream is perfect for any occasion.

I believe eating ice cream tastes so much better during the winter than the summer. It stays colder and it seems to blend in with the cold so that it can keep the flavor lasting longer. I mean it tastes great in the summer, but then it starts to melt, it gets all over my hands and face, and it just makes a complete mess. But it doesn’t melt as fast during the winter, so it doesn’t get sticky.

I believe ice cream is still super good to have during the summer. Because it’s hot and it’s nice have something cold and refreshing (besides a drink). I believe ice cream is perfect. I love hearing the ice cream truck just about to turn the corner. Perfect timing too, because it’s sunset and I just finished coming from the park, it’s a perfect way to end the day.

I believe that ice cream is also good when you are depressed or something sad has happened. Ice cream just makes the situation a lot sweeter. It’s like falling and landing on a pillow. Yes the fall still hurt, but the pillow made it hurt less. The same way with ice cream, it makes the hurt, hurt less.

I believe ice cream is great for celebrating. Say you just came back from your younger sib’s ball game, and their team won, and you need to celebrate. Ice cream is perfect for that. After graduation, after a party, it’s good to have some ice cream after anything worth celebrating.

It’s fun to eat ice cream. It melts in your mouth, and all there are so many toppings you can put on it. Once I had some ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery, and I got super hyper. My friend had to tackle me just so that I could calm down. It was cake batter ice cream with Butterfinger® pieces, white chocolate chips, cookie dough, and sprinkles. I didn’t even have a lot, only a couple of spoons. The rest I had the next day. I believe that a reason is not needed in order to eat ice cream. I believe you can eat ice cream whenever you want. Whether it’s three in the afternoon or three in the morning, ice cream can be eaten all the time (just not too much). I believe in ice cream.