Caring is Believing

Ashley - Parker, Colorado
Entered on February 24, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, family

When was the last time you had to move on, even though you knew it would be hard? I know that I have had one of those moments, and it was like trying to find my way through a cloud of fog.

My older brother died when he rolled his car into a ditch about 2 years ago. He was driving back to our house at 2 o’clock in the morning when his steering wheel suddenly turned and he was dead. No one caused him to do this, only himself.

That weekend, I remember I got home from visiting my dad; my mom’s eyes were red and swollen. When I looked at her I got confused, scared, worried, anxious, and curious all at the same time. As soon as I found out about my family’s misfortune, my life just got quiet. My parents whispered when they talked, and I didn’t call or text anyone of my friends for a couple of weeks. Of course, my parents kept us all active so we could get our minds off of the death. Yet, it was still a challenge.

It got easier when I went back to school because I was surrounded by all of my friends who cared about me. Whenever we talked they knew not say a word about my brother, or the waterworks would kick back in. It was probably because whenever I think back on the day I came home, it makes me feel depressed on the inside, as you can probably guess.

My life eventually went back to normal, and I think about him every day. Now, I know that all you need to get through life is love. I also think some values that were important to me back then were trust, faithfulness, and care. But, come to think of it, the same values are still important to


Sometime, I would like to tell people that before this event I thought that nothing like that could ever happen to me, but I was so wrong and incredibly confused when it did happen. And I guess that I just did tell some one, didn’t I?

I am currently living my life as a regular teenager who’s had a rough past, but is ready for the future.