I Believe in Femininity.

Sarah - Owensboro, Kentucky
Entered on February 23, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in femininity, something which was nearly lost when women began burning bras and books in protest of their own gender. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who takes pride in herself and her appearance. It is now acceptable for a woman to wear pants and more commonplace even to spot a career woman in a pantsuit than a skirt. As a twenty-six year old female, I find that despicable. I cling to my femininity and cherish what comes along with it. There is nothing more empowering than wearing a dress and going out in heels with my hair down.

Mascara-batted eyelashes and a slight pout can get me just about anything. Garter belts and stockings used to be available at any store, yet now it requires a manhunt in order to find exactly what one is looking for. Femininity used to be common and is now almost taboo. Few women wear make-up, dresses, stockings, or heels. Sneakers have replaced the high heel. Pants have replaced the skirt. Few women are proud to be women anymore. Instead, it’s complaint after complaint about the very thing that makes them appealing to men in the first place! And yet women wonder why they are so unhappy!

I believe in the power of feminine magic. I think women can lure a man with just a glance and cast him under a spell of sorts, perhaps leading to a story never to be retold in full. I believe that women today underestimate themselves and are doing women and mankind a great disservice and should come back full circle and realize the power that they harness and embrace it before “femininity” becomes extinct entirely.