Why live?

Steven - Canada
Entered on February 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Why does the world wake up every morning, to rise up from their beds, and embark on a new day? It is because of dreams. The things that every person aspires to do. The ones that run through the body and soul. Dreams that give each one of us reason for being. Dreams that set each person apart. Dreams that allow one to overcome adversity. I believe that dreams are essential to life.

On one night, while lying in bed within the last year, I asked myself, “What is your greatest fear?” Soon after, I realized that my greatest fear was to live on this planet without meaning, without purpose, without something that I wanted to do. I then realized that the only barrier between my nightmare and me was my one aspiration, to say the words “I am ready to die.” That’s it. That’s the only thing I want to do in life. And I would like to think that everything I do somehow contributes to that dream because those five words give me reason for being.

A person at the simplest form is a name. A thing that all people on the earth possess. But when searching deeper into a person, their individualities are discovered and dreams are one of them. Their aspirations make them different. Their aspirations make their lives, their lives and not somebody else’s. If the people of the world were without dreams they would be without purpose, without reason to live, making their lives one life that the world shares. Nobody wants that to happen. Nobody wants there to be no differentiations between the people of the world. Dreams prevent it from ever happening. Dreams are essential to an individual’s life.

In facing adversity, what helps one overcome it? What, is the driving force? What, keeps one from giving up? It is the dreams, of things that one wants to do more than anything else. One overcomes adversity just so they can maintain the opportunity to accomplish these dreams. No matter how big or small, facing adversity is inevitable. And just to survive over time, I am not saying life but over time, not even a few years, then overcoming is essential.

Each person has a list of dreams that shall change as the person does, because the list shall adapt according to the ever changing desires of the heart. So I must ask, why do you live?