I believe in Identity

Edward - 80528, Colorado
Entered on February 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18


I believe my personal identity is who I am it is also who I have become threw all my experiences Every thing you teach and touches you help shape your identity. Like plado the two colors when mixed create a new combined identity. Some important things that shape you personality is people, experiences and what you were born with.

People play a big role in shaping your personality, you may believe something deep inside you, but later you start to believe the opposite of that deep something or that some thing is unexplainable. People may also affect who you are identity wise. You can see who someone is or what they do and absorb those traits into your identity thus changing who you are. Another way people affect you is by pressure you. It’s like a cookie cutter the cookie cutter is the pressure people put on you when you put enough pressure on it makes the cookie look just like the one you just cut. People play a big role in who you are.

Experiences shape who you are. For some this may mean something religiously for some it may be something they have done or a goal that they have set. Going to church may change who a person is and what they believe in this could take the place of other factors that can change your identity. Some things you have done may change your identity like if your working in a restaurant your identity says you’re a chef or a waiter. A goal can be what you have done or something you are currently working on . The goal defines you even if its saving money so you can buy a ca or have a family it defines who you are.

When you are born many argue that you have no identity. This may loztra, but I believe that you already have an identity ready to be thrusted upon you. You are an American or some other nationality your either black or white you either have blue, brown green or hazel eyes. Even though your mind is a clean slate your identity is who you are and what you have been threw.

Your personal identity is what you are how and what you have done no or in the past. It is influenced by people by experiences and the catacomb stance of when you were born your identity is who you are.