I Believe in Staying True to My Beliefs

Michael - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Staying True to My Beliefs

I believe in staying true to my beliefs and not letting peer pressure sway me towards making any stupid life choices. Growing up in Western Springs instills a pretty standard message in all kids: don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t do drugs. All sorts of programs and speakers came to elementary schools and lectured about the dangers of drug use. Although it came to be a laughing matter, everyone took the annual trip to Robert Crown and furthered their anti-drug education. By the time high school came around, the same message was engrained in everyone’s minds. Or so I thought.

My dad would always ask me if I knew any kids who did drugs or drank, and I would always respond, “No Dad, I go to McClure”. But as soon as high school started, I began to hear about kids who got caught drinking or smoking pot, kids that I went to school with for years and who I thought were good kids. As time went on, I heard about more and more of my childhood friends were casting aside their moral values and turning to drugs and especially drinking.

Entering high school, I thought of LT as one of the best schools around, which it is, but even in the best of schools there will be problems. Every Monday, I hear people talking about what parties got busted, who go caught, and who is grounded. Every week I am surprised to hear who the newest victim is. The more people I know, the more worried I feel that if they could fall into such traps, what is stopping me from doing the same?

It has always been second nature for me to avoid these kinds of things, but as I have seen more and more kids that I know doing these things, I am proud that I have stayed true to what my parents ad teachers have taught me. I believe that it is perfectly normal not to do everything that your parents tell you, but when it comes down to your life and the important decisions that you make, you should always try to stay true to how you were brought up.