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Edward - Manchester, Connecticut
Entered on February 22, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: disability

I believe the talents that my cousin Aly and I have are unique within our family. We both are hearing impaired and we both have cochlear implant.

I was the first in the family born hearing impaired and my parents were hurt because they thought there was something wrong with me. Later, my parents realized there’s nothing wrong with me, it was a wonderful opportunity for me and my family learn about the deaf and hard of hearing culture. So they wanted me to have hearing aids to hear well and sent me off to school to learn to hear and communicate.

After Aly was born, her hearing aids couldn’t help her to hear. So in order for her to communicate with her parents, Aly was sent to ASD to learn sign language. At the age 5, Aly was given an opportunity to hear again by having a cochlear implant. Today, she still uses her signing skills to communicate with her deaf and hearing friends.

At the age of 15, my hearing had worsens & my hearing aids couldn’t support me any longer. I chose to have a cochlear implant like Aly. Then in college, I learned to learn sign language like Aly has. Today, I use my hearing and signing skills to interpret for my father and his deaf customers at work.

Now, I have a nephew and he is hearing impaired and he has two cochlear implants. Aly and I would make a terrific role model for him.